Denplan dental payment plans are available

Denplan Essentials and Denplan Care

All Denplan payment plans include extras such as Supplementary Insurance as part of your plan, so you get many more advantages than just your regular treatment. See the bottom of this page for more information or click HERE

This is arranged for you to provide cover towards the cost of dental treatment in an emergency or following a dental injury, and can be used in the UK and abroad.

The basic outline of what these two types of plan consist of are detailed below. Please see the Treatment and Pricing page for details on what discounts are available on the Essentials plan, as well as what is included and further discounts for cosmetic treatment on the Care Plans.

Denplan Essentials

The essentials plan is a dental maintenance plan covering all the routine diagnostic & preventative dental care appointments such as examinations, hygiene appointments, advice & intra-oral x-rays. On top of this discounts will be offered off any other treatements that may be required such as Restorative (e.g. Fillings, Crowns), or Endodontic (e.g. Root Canal Therapy).

Denplan Care

This is a comprehensive dental plan which will cover all routine preventative care, diagnositcs (e.g. x-rays), and restorative treatments, as well as Root Canal Therapy. Pricing for Denplan care varies from patient to patient depending on how good their existing oral hygiene is and how much potential work they may require in the future. Patients on this scheme will also be offered discounts for cosmetic treatments such as whitening and dental implants.


For more information on how Denplan works you can visit their website at 

Your Supplementary Insurance cover gives you...

Emergency dental treatment when you are over 40 miles away from your registered Denplan dentist*

Up to £10,000 worth of treatment following a dental injury

Cover for out of hours consultations in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency

A hospital cash benefit if you are admitted overnight for dental treatment

Worldwide emergency dental treatment

Mouth cancer cover up to £12,000

*When you’re within 40 miles of your registered Denplan dentist you should speak to your practice regarding the emergency dental care agreements in place for you outside of normal surgery hours.